The Association for Technology Leaders in Independent Schools Conference 2016 @theatlis

Two weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of attending and co-presenting at my first ATLIS Conference.  ATLIS, or the Association for Technology Leaders in Independent Schools is an amazing network of educational technologists, information technology specialists, IT Directors and more all in one consortium.

I haven’t presented in a while and thought this would make a great opportunity to get my work out in front of an audience – remember my earlier post?  fail fast – shipping included

My Co-Presenter was the fabulous Ms. Chris Stephenson from St. Edwards School, located in Vero Beach, Florida, where the weather is nice.  Because of our separation in space, we planned the entire presentation remotely over Google Hangouts.  Our session was a 3-hour deep dive session, entitled, “Technology You Have, Integrate You Will!“.  During our session planning, Chris and I noted how our parallel our career paths and experiences had been, which brought us to a common understanding of the importance of rationalizing a case for technology integration.  In our talk, we used Stanford University’s D.School Design framework to facilitate the discussion, wherein we asked session participants to use the design framework ATLIS Deep Dive 2016to explore some of the issues or challenges they were experiencing in their schools.  With this approach, groups of peers empathized, defined and ideate, reiterated and prototyped solutions to their problems.   and refined that problem,

Here is the presentation deck from the event.  We both are looking forward to sharing again next year, but until that time, hit us up!  Chris can be found on Twitter at @geographywee and I can be found @theberknologist.

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