Google Slides… Now accepting audience questions.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


Did you know you can now accept questions from the audience while presenting in Google Slides? How dope is this?!  Well, maybe I’m late to this, but for me, this is a game changer… Think about students in your class who might be reluctant to raise their hand or speak in front of their peers?  This creates a way for them to insert their voice in a less-threatening way.  It could also be a means of developing confidence in that student and helping to provide additional opportunities for students to feel included.

I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself!  See Google Science Fair Winner Shree Bose in action as she shares with students.

Source: ATLIS Deep Dive 2016 – Google Slides



Audience Q&A Functionality within Google Slides



Yoda is waiting for your next question.







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