Digital Citizenship Week 2018

Every year, the third week of October is dedicated to teaching good digital citizenship in hopes that all students will become safe and smart when using technology.  Every day this week during lunch, a few of the boys in Form II have been sharing a tip that serves as a reminder of what it means to be a connected, conscientious digital citizen.

The tips covered this week will range from evaluating information and news sources, to understanding intellectual property, to adopting mindfulness around their digital footprint.  More importantly, the message to the boys has not been an “anti-tech” or fear-based message, but one which embraces the notion of “conscientious connectivity”, being mindful and aware of their online interactions.  In my role, I strive to encourage the boys to focus on the positive outcomes of technology when it is done well.

To provide some perspective into the work that has gone on across the Lower School in this area, here is a quick snapshot:

  • Form C – Digital Citizenship curriculum developed Summer 2018
  • Form B – Digital Citizenship curriculum developed and implemented SY 2017 – 18
  • Form A – Mini-lessons to be piloted during the Life Skills course
  • Form I – Mini-lessons piloted during Form Advisories
  • Form II – Mini-lessons piloted during Form Advisories

While a one-time discussion doesn’t address the need for ongoing dialogue around this topic, it is certainly a step in the right direction.  I welcome any feedback or suggestions that would make our efforts even more impactful.

For more information on Digital Citizenship Week, please see the following link from Common Sense Media.

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