Ten Google Apps & Extensions for Teaching and Learning

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Happy Media Literacy Week!  Check out the Newseum’s site for additional resources.

Before jumping into a few of what I have found to be useful extensions for teaching and learning, it might be helpful to briefly explain what an “extension” is.  Extensions are lines of code that run within a browser that “extend” the functionality of the browser.  Here are just a few additional things you should also know about extensions:

  • The more extensions you have, the slower your browser will become
  • The extensions travel with you as long as you are signed into the Chrome browser.  FYI… Being signed into your Google Account and the Chrome Browser are 2 distinct actions.
  • You can modify or remove extensions by visiting the Chrome Web Store.


  1. Extensity – Manages extensions in your toolbar
  2. Loom – Video Recorder: Screen, Webcam and Mic
  3. Drive Slides – Create a Google Slides presentation from images contained in a Drive Folder
  4. Google Docs Quick Create – Quickly create Google Docs from your Browser bar
  5. Google Keep – Easily curate and organize materials on the web, as well as create lists
  6. Kaizena – Give verbal feedback on student work
  7. One Tab – Converts all your tabs into a list that can be saved, edited and shared
  8. Tab Resize – Split-screen layout on Chrome


  1. Newsela – Daily news sources from the Associated Press, Washington Post, Scientific American, the Smithsonian, the King Center, biography.com and more!
  2. Desmos Graphing Calculator – Plot functions, create tables, animate graphs

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