Student Use of Images and Copyright


When working with students on a project including digital media in the form of images, I like to emphasize that students need and should include attribution for any of the work they use.  Students should also be encouraged to create their own images and/or drawings, to which they reserve the rights to.  Quite often though, Google Images becomes the destination of choice when searching for images.  While the destination of choice for so many, I find that many students are not familiar with the Advanced Image Search strategies or how to reverse search an image.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with Google Images, there are also other sources for high-quality images, many of which do not require attribution.  This infographic (click to enlarge) will lay out for you how to reverse search an image and how to use the advanced search features of Google Images.





Other amazing image sources:

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.43.43 AM



Creative Commons
Photos for Class
Good Free Photos

I also want to share Jennifer Gonzalez’s Cult of Pedagogy extensive resource on Teaching Students to Legally Use Images Online.  If your students will be preparing for a project which includes the use of images, I would be happy to visit your class to work with them on this very important topic.


One thought on “Student Use of Images and Copyright

  1. mrfichter says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Dawn! I appreciated Jennifer Gonzalez’s reminder that making your own media is often a good example, too! Once a student does this at least once, they might be able to empathize more with the creators of other sources. Thank you for that link–and all the others! 🙂


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